Caitlin Weeks and Diane Sanfilippo on the Born Primal Podcast


Diane and I were recently interviewed by our friend Kendall Kendrick of the Born Primal Podcast .  With Mediterranean Paleo Cooking just released and we had the opportunity to chat with Kendall about the book, the process and everything Mediterranean. I met Kendall a long time ago at AHS in 2011 and she came to Nashville […]

Mediterranean Paleo Cooking Review Roundup


Our new book Mediterranean Paleo Cooking comes out on tuesday and we are so excited because two years of hard work is finally coming to fruition.  Nabil and I took two trips to North Africa to do research and most importantly to eat!  We spent weeks with Diane in New Jersey cooking for the photo […]

Part-Time Paleo by Leanne Ely Review and Giveaway with Special Bonus


My friend Leanne Ely creator of the popular website Saving Dinner  and a New York Times bestselling author brings us her newest project Part-Time Paleo: How to go Paleo Without Going Crazy.  In this new creation, Leanne simplifies going Paleo, she breaks it down to five core rules that leave a little wiggle room for treats […]

6 Essential Oils to Help with Digestive Upset, Gas and Bloating


Therapeutic high quality essential oils are an excellent choice when you are looking for natural support for gas, bloating or other digestive upset. Here I share some essential oils from plants that can be helpful when you are dealing with any of these conditions. I have been using essential oils for nearly a year now […]

Listen to the Grass Fed Girl on Beyond Wellness Radio: resistant starch, my AIP results, Mediterranean into your Paleo diet and more


I was recently on Beyond Wellness Radio with Dr. Justin Marchegiani and Baris Harvey.  We talk about my new book Mediterranean Paleo Cooking. We also talk about low carb diets, FODMAPS, autoimmune paleo eating and resistant starch. Dr. Justin has been my friend for several years after I met his girlfriend now wife in my Chek […]

Listen to The Grass Fed Girl on The Primal Diet Modern Health Podcast


My long time friend Beverly who is an extremely knowledgeable clinical nutritionist who lives in San Antonio, TX was kind enough to have me on her wonderful Podcast to talk about the healthy aspects of the Mediterranean Diet and what they have in common with the Paleo diet. We talked about what the real Mediterranean […]

Everyday Essential Oils: Peace and Calming Uses and Giveaway


Basic 10: Everyday Essential Oils I started my Young Living essential oil journey with the premium starter kit. Not only is it the best value, but it also has everything you need to get started with essential oils! Along with the diffuser it included the basic ten everyday essential oils: Purification*,Valor, Thieves, Frankincense*, Peppermint, Lavender, PanAway, Lemon, Joy and today’s featured everyday essential oil Peace & […]

Everyday Essential Oils: Lavender Uses and Giveaway


I started my Young Living essential oil journey with the premium starter kit. Not only is it the best value, but it also has everything you need to get started with essential oils! I love lavender and I always have some in my purse. It helps with headaches and anxiety. If I have an important call or […]

10 Celebrities Who Follow the Paleo Diet


In 2013 the Paleo diet became most Googled diet on the web and is the most popular diet these days with a huge celebrity following. More and more famous people, celebrities and professional athletes are heading the paleo way and have selected to stay vibrant and fit by practicing the Paleo lifestyle. It is not […]

Paleo White Sandwich Bread Recipe


Paleo White Sandwich Bread Recipe – Paleo White Sandwich Bread Recipe – I made this gluten and grain free Paleo bread recipe for my husband who was craving a sandwich. It was really light and fluffy for being gluten free bread. We don’t eat a lot of Paleo baked goods at our house but it […]