10 Celebrities Who Follow the Paleo Diet


In 2013 the Paleo diet became most Googled diet on the web and is the most popular diet these days with a huge celebrity following. More and more famous people, celebrities and professional athletes are heading the paleo way and have selected to stay vibrant and fit by practicing the Paleo lifestyle. It is not […]

Paleo White Sandwich Bread Recipe


I made this gluten and grain free Paleo bread recipe for my husband who was craving a sandwich. It was really light and fluffy for being gluten free bread. We don’t eat a lot of Paleo baked goods at our house but it is really fun to hold a piece of bread around some meat […]

Double Book Review and Giveaway: The Zenbelly Cookbook + Paleo by Season


Today I bring you a double book review and giveaway! The Zenbelly Cookbook by my friend and fellow San Franciscan Simone Miller.  Simone runs a local grain free catering company Zenbelly Catering. Simone is long time friend of me and Grass Fed Chef. She caters events all over the bay area and we attended her […]

Quick and Healthy Paleo Hiking and Camping Foods


This week I am sharing with you a post from my little sister about staying Paleo while camping and hiking. She got married about a year ago and is now expecting a baby. Her and her husband actually met while hiking so it is a favorite shared pastime to enjoy the outdoors. This post will […]

Homemade Non-Toxic Laundry Detergent


I always get freaked out by mystery ingredients and labels that I cannot understand on food, household products, etc. So, in further efforts to detoxify the house, I started making my own laundry soap about a year ago, and it actually works! I do think using a good castile-soap is the key to de-greasing your […]

Powerful Video About Obesity Epidemic

I found this very interesting video about obesity. It really struck a cord with me. What do you think? Is it sending the right message about the issues that surround the unhealthy eating epidemic in the Western world?

Natural Remedy to Kill Nail Fungus


  Fungus usually grows from an imbalance bacteria in the gut. It is candida that is naturally occurring but it can overgrow and show up in unfortunate places like nails or toes. It is believed to become overgrown after years of following a Standard American diet, stress and overuse of antibiotics. Following an anti inflammatory […]

Nutreince Vitamins and Skinny Fat Review and Giveaway


I met the Calton’s on the Low Carb Cruise in 2012. It was really fun to get to know this dynamic couple. They have a fascinating story about meeting through Mira’s health crisis of early onset osteoporosis. She sought out help from holistic practitioners and along the way met Jayson and fell in love. Later […]

August Giveaway – Apple iPad Air 32 GB


August is here and with a new month comes a new giveaway!  This month my blogger buddies and I have partnered to offer you the chance to win an Apple iPad Air 32 GB.  Thanks you for following my health journey and good luck! I love my Ipad for reading ebooks and reading online magazines. […]