Healing Strawberry Gelatin Protien Smoothie (Dairy and Gluten Free)

Healing Strawberry Gelatin Protien Smoothie

Healing Strawberry Gelatin Protien Smoothie

Protein powders are bad news. They are full of processed ingredients that are usually by-products of the tofu or dairy industry. People always ask me what a good protein powder they can use for breakfast on the run but there are not that many good choices.

Whey protein can be problematic because many people are allergic and it is almost impossible to find a good protein powder that is not made from degraded, pesticide-filled, cow’s milk. A good one, if you are not sensitive, is grass fed cold processed whey, like this one, but an even better choice would be grass fed raw milk.

You can also put raw eggs in your smoothie if you get them from a farmer and they are pastured and soy free.

The best choice in my opinion for smoothies and shakes is the grass fed gelatin. 

Benefits of grass fed gelatin

  • helps heal the gut lining (very important for whole body health)
  • reduces cellulite and wrinkles
  • helps build lean muscle
  • easily digested and absorbed
  • reduces inflammation
  • helps build bones and joints
  • boosts metabolism
  • helps balance hormones

Btw…..You can also get it in my awesome easy crock pot bone broth recipe!

Now that it is summer some people don’t like to eat hot broth.

Gelatin is a great way to get the benefits of bone broth without the hot winter soups.

Healing Strawberry Gelatin Protien Smoothie


1 cup coconut milk (full fat)

Or grass fed raw milk if tolerated

2 cups strawberries (organic is best)

2 cups of ice

3 Tbsp of gelatin (I like this one because it is grass fed)

Stevia or honey to taste


Put everything in the blender except the gelatin.

Pulse until the ice is broken down and everything is liquified.

Add the gelatin while the blender is going for a few more seconds.

Serve and enjoy! This healing strawberry gelatin protien Smoothie will hit the spot when you are on the go!

Healing Strawberry Gelatin Protien Smoothie

Looking for more gelatin recipes?

Have you heard about how good gelatin is for skin hair and nail but don’t know how to use it?

Do you intend on getting bone broth in your diet but always forget to make it?

Do you love Jello but don’t know how to use all natural grass fed gelatin?

Do you have kids at home that you are trying to transition from junk food to nourishing real food treats?

This is the the book for you!

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Sources: Broth is Beautiful

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  1. Ellen says

    Do you use canned coconut milk or the refrigerated coconut milk that comes in a carton? Thanks!

    • says

      I was just paranoid because some people said it got clumpy last time I made a creamsicle recipe. I just did it after the other stuff was blended to be on the safe side. Gelatin can be a sticky wicket…

  2. says

    LOVE, LOVE, this recipie. I didn’t realize you could buy good quality Gelatin. I make bone broth in winter… (originally started making it to heal my gut) Ordered the Gelatin straight away :-) can’t wait to make this smoothie :-) Thanks so much. Love your website…

  3. Diana says

    Have you ever used Jay Robb brand protein? Supposed to be good quality..
    Also, what about the Great Lakes gelatin in the green can – i think it’s supposed to be for cold things, but I don’t ever see anyone link to that one?

    • says

      I don’t think Jay Robb Uses organic pastured eggs or grass fed whey ect. I really only like the beef gelatin from great lakes because it is grass fed, not sure about any other types.

  4. Kayla says

    Hi!! I was wondering how you felt about the cold water soluble gelatin by Great Lakes? Pros vs Cons?

  5. Miranda says

    At what age do you think it’s good to introduce gelatin into my child’s diet? I’ve been reading Dr Campbell McBride regarding how to introduce food to your baby, and she suggests mixing bone broth with breast milk as the very first food. If Gelatin is a good alternative to bone broth…. I’m wondering if it can be substituted in this instance? Thanks!

  6. Nicki says

    Just made this except halved the recipe and I added half a juice of lime. It turned out awesome! Prefect on a hot day.