Paleo and Gluten Free Restaurants in Nashville, TN


Because I have a gluten sensitivity I am always on the lookout for organic veggies and grass fed meats  that won’t upset my system. By choosing restaurants that emphasize sustainability we can vote with our pocketbooks which will make this type of food more available for everyone in the future.  If you have Celiac disease please always check with the management and use your intuition/good judgement to gauge the safety of each establishment to avoid cross contamination. I hope you get a chance to enjoy these great places when you are out and about in Nashville, my hometown.

Paleo and Gluten Free Restaurants in Nashville, TN

Paleo and Gluten Free Restaurants in Nashville
Fresh veggies at The Turnip Truck hot bar

Turnip Truck

The Gulch and East $$

Is half health food store and half restaurant with featuring a hot bar with cooked vegetables, baked chicken and fish. Always be aware of breading and sauces if you are gluten sensitive. They have many organic vegetables on their salad bar, just be aware of the tuna salad or chicken salad which will have most likely have inflammatory soybean oil mayo. You can also get raw grass fed meat to take home for grilling or cooking in your crock-pot.

Awesome bunless local beef  burger at M. L. Rose


Melrose and Sylvan Park, West Nashville $$
I went here on my last visit March 2012 with my dad and my little brother. We were all satisfied and  happy after paying reasonable prices at this character filled joint. They have an awesome Paleo beanless chili that was very hearty and gluten free according to the waitress, who was very attentive. They have local anti-biotic and hormone free burgers that can be ordered with no bun. You can add avocado for $1, score! Also, I attended school with the owner of this popular spot. Thanks Austin Ray for having some gluten-free Paleo options !


Franklin, TN and Downtown/Gulch $$

This adorable restaurant has a locally grown farm to table philosophy that is not common these days. They have a great grass fed burger that you can get on gluten free bread or go Paleo and be bunless. You can also get a veggie bowl and add meat for a small fee. My little sister loves the chicken salad but I am not sure about their chicken quality. They also have a farm stand inside where they have eggs, local goat cheese and organic seasonal produce. They also have a new location in Cummins station downtown that has similar offerings.

The beet salad with lamb at Burger Up   Photo credit 


Cool Springs and 12th Ave South $$
This upscale burger joint  has awesome local beef from a sustainable farm in Williamson County. They were really nice about giving extra veggies instead of peanut oil fries. They have some amazing salads to which you can add salmon, chicken or beef. You can add a gluten free bun if you feel like a splurge for $2 and add a double patty if you are hungry. The burger will cost about $10-12 but you get what you pay for.
Made to order salads at Baja Burrito


Berry Hill  $
I have been coming to this easy going eatery for years and so has everyone else judging by the constant line and packed parking lot. They use grass fed beef from Gourmet Pastures beef. The set up is like subway so you get to pick what you want on your taco or salad. That is a great way to insure you know what you are getting. I always got the taco salad with extra veggies, extra beef, salsa, and guacamole (hold the gmo oxidized soybean oil chips, please). This place gets super busy so make sure you don’t mind sharing a table or sitting outside at this independent local gem.
Burger at Gaby’s with Sweet potato fries Photo Credit


8th ave near ball park $
This hole in the wall joint is a hidden treasure because they use Gourmet Pastures beef which is 100% grass fed. You can get the a burger with no bun and the price is right only $6.95. The owner seems to really understand how 100% grass fed beef is healthier because it has more omega-3’s and cancer fighting CLA than corn fed beef. I would skip the fries which are cooked in soybean oil rather than heart healthy beef fat or lard.
Hillsboro Village $$
This coffee/ breakfast place is so awesome I do not know where to start. They have wonderful big breakfasts such as salmon scramble and meat and 3 eggs (hold the toast). They have fair trade organic coffee and a wonderful atmosphere. They are sensitive to any changes you may need to make and they even cook their eggs in butter (hallelujah)! 
Me indulging in local artisan chocolate with Bongo Java organic decaf at Hot and Cold

Hot and Cold

Hillsboro Village $
This place serves grass fed ice cream which has a lot of gluten free flavors from a company called Jeni’s. They also have amazing chocolate bars from Olive and Sinclair a small batch, hand crafted, confectioner right in Nashville. We sat outside on a warm night with all the students and watched the country music hipters walking by.
Marche Artisan Foods in East Nashville


East Nashville $$
Marche is a great place my little sister took me for brunch which emphasizes working with local farms to get the best meats and vegetables. They have fluffy omelet’s and organic eggs with sides of farm fresh bacon or sausage. Check the menu for seasonal specials and I have also read that they have an amazing grass fed burger. East Nashville really has a bustling local food scene that was almost non-existent just ten or fifteen years ago.
Just say no to the bun! Most places will do a lettuce wrap.


East Nashville $$$
This is the same owner as Marche who emphasizes seasonal French peasant cooking and changes her menu every month. It is a little more upscale than the other places but it is definitely worth it. Chef Margot works with local grass fed beef  and pork and organic farmers to bring a farm to table experience to diners. They are very accommodating to guest with special food needs or allergies.
Chicken Salad at Kalamata’s photo credit


Green Hills and Brentwood $$
This place was recommended to me by my little sister who loves the Combo kebab salad with chicken, beef and lamb. They also have low carb options listed on the menu and they are helpful to people who want gluten free. The meat may not be the best quality but sometimes people make compromises when eating away from home. They also have a tuna salad made with olive oil called “not your mothers tuna salad” that is piled high olives, capers and lemon zest. The Mediterranean food served here has a focus on freshness and health.  Do not forget to try the gluten/grain free chocolate torte before you leave if you have room on your belt loops which is not low carb.
Berry Hill, West End, Belle Meade, East, and Cool Springs $$

This casual spot has some awesome paleo eats such as rotisserie chicken (not organic though), sweet potatoes with coconut sprinkles and the best Caribbean turnip greens with stewed tomatoes anywhere. They also have low-carb options on the menu and great salads. The jerk sauce has gluten in it according to the web sight but other than that the gluten containing items are pretty obvious . I have been going here since I was a kid and have fond memories of this place. Another great thing is that it is super cheap and filling.



Suzy Wong’s
Downtown $$
This place is very hip offering an east meats west flair and an assortment of Pan-Asian dishes. They have gluten free soy sauce and the menu has gluten free labels on many item. I am not sure about the meat quality here, so be sure to ask. I actually attended school with the owner who was on Top Chef a few years ago. Way to go A. Mint! He also owns PM which has a great burger and Cha Cha featuring tapas which has great bacon wrapped dates, raw milk cheeses, and house cured olives. All three places clearly mark their menu’s with gluten free labels.PRB:These guys know meat!photo credit

East Nashville $$
This sparse new place is a local butcher shop reminiscent of days gone by that specializes in whole animal butchery. It’s easy to see that these guys love meat and they can tell you exactly how your pig/cow/lamb was raised and what it ate. They do have some prepared food like roast beef and local cheese. They also make their own Italian sausage and stock. They have local eggs, organic milk and assorted meat fats for cooking with. They also have plenty of organ meats which are hard to find other places. This is the way meat should be: ethical, local, sustainable, and grass fed! Can’t get to PBR for grass fed beef? Order from a great source here
East Nashville $$
This place has organic local burgers (go bunless) and German bratwurst with fresh sauerkraut. They have a beer garden in the back where they have gluten free Bard’s beer (not really paleo) and gluten free cider.

Gluten free at Miel


Sylvan Park $$$

Better make a reso at this smancy joint. My sister recently went there for V-day and said it was great. They emphasize farm to table, local sustainable food. They also ask each diner if they have any food allergies before taking the orders! It is a little high end but great for that special occasion. They even have periodic farm dinners! The menu reads like a native tribe hunt: wild boar, quail eggs, Muscovy duck, paddle fish roe, fresh spring water trout, ect. It sounds like heaven to me!

East Nashville $$
Is very is a tapas bar turned full service restaurant. It is in a charming old Victorian close to five points. They are focused on local food and are very aware of food sensitivities. Be sure to check with the staff about grass fed and organic options. They even have a backyard garden where they grow some of their own produce.
You don’t have to be a hippie to shop at Whole credit
Whole Foods Market $$
What may surprise you is that a lot of the prepared food is not organic, local or gluten free. Read the labels carefully to avoid soy sauce and or bread crumbs, not to mention the over use of GMO canola oil. What my Dad found out is that you can go to the seafood department and get them to steam you some wild shrimp or scallops then you can go to the salad bar and get some greens to go with it. Make sure and use the olive oil and vinegar instead of the pre-made salad dressing with soybean oil/canola. I like to get some cold cuts from Applegate organics and make some lettuce wraps with guacamole.


Crema $

Sobro Area

The best thing about Crema is the housemade almond milk. No weird aftertaste and slightly sweetened, it is perfect. It brings a whole new meaning to an almond milk latte. They also have seasonal offerings and I have been privy to two that were made with coconut milk and other spice selections. All terrific. Great option anytime for a coffee fix or treat. They also offer some limited gluten free baked items.


the post east

The Post East $

East Nashville

The Post East is quickly becoming one of my favorite places to get a gluten-free treat. a fresh juice, locally blended tea, or a solid almond milk latte. Most of their gluten free options are made with a blend of rice flour, tapioca starch, and potato starch, all of which many Paleo eaters indulge in on occasion. I personally shared a Egg in a Basket Biscuit the other day that had a perfectly cooked egg in the middle of it’s tender biscuity interior, so good. The coffee shop is beautiful with a dramatic handcrafted coffee bar where you order your house-made items. They have gluten free treats as well as lunch or light dinner offerings. Great little coffee shop tucked into an East Nashville neighborhood.


pinewood social

Pinewood Social $$

SoBro Area

This trolley barn turned multi-entertainment adult playground boasts a coffee shop in front, restaurant and bar in the middle, an antique bowling alley in the back, and a patio and pool outside. The food is not super inventive, but all the flavors are strong and fresh. One such lunch consisted of Pork Rinds with Adobo to start, Kale Caesar Salad to get my ruffage, and Beef Tongue Reuben (just ask for no bun). They also offer a seasonal oysters on the half shell option with eclectic toppings chosen by the chef. The wait staff is very friendly, and happy to answer any questions about the menu. Since I was pregnant when I went, I was able to enjoy the Fresh Ginger, Lime, and Tonic Mocktail, it was so good and made me feel special without the booze.



The Sutler $$

Melrose/Berry Hill

The eclectic Southern menu is conveniently labeled with the gluten free options. The Sunburst Farms Whole Rainbow Trout (trout hailing from nearby Asheville, NC) is rubbed with a spicy mustard rub and cooked to perfection. As far as sides, they have a Rocket & Waldorf Salad, Raw Veggies served with regional chevre and dressed with lemon and olive oil, and grilled veggies with a pimento-thyme dressing. There are more options on the menu, and all clearly labeled. I appreciate when a restaurant makes a clear statement that they are willing to work with people with food preference or intolerance.

mas tacos

Mas Tacos Por Favor $

East Nashville

Most of the items are gluten-free, and if you have any questions, the staff are very friendly. The tacos are loaded with meat, so if you decide to go avoid the corn taco shell, there will be plenty of meat to ply your appetite. My personal favorites are the chicken and carnitas (roasted pork) tacos. The carnitas taco has some sort of ridiculous tangy, cilantro sauce on them that makes them out of this world flavorful. They also have many flavors of agua fresca which is a wonderful, not too sweet treat of fresh fruit mixed with water and ice. When we went we had a Pineapple Cilantro and the Hibiscus agua fresca, I definitely recommend them both, so refreshing!



Jeni’s Spendid Ice Creams

East Nashville and 12 South District and at Hot & Cold in Hillsboro Village

If you haven’t visited a Jeni’s, it is an experience in itself, even without getting a whole bowl of ice cream or gluten-free macaroon ice cream sandwich. You are able to sample as many ice creams as you want to try to find your perfect option. Jeni’s boasts two things that make them super special, ice cream made with Ohio grass-fed milk and ridiculously good seasonal flavors. Right now, one the the flavors blowing up on social media and among my friends is the Sweet Potato with Toasted Marshmallow. No this isn’t especially Paleo, but as far as a treat, it’s a great option.



Woodbine Coffee $

Woodbine Area

Woodbine coffee is another great coffee shop, celebrating it’s TN pride with large artistic murals including the TN flag in one of them. Much like many of the cozy, industrial styled coffee shops, Woodbine hosts strong coffee, local salads and snacks, and almond milk. I recently went there and they had a special drink made with coconut milk, so good Paleo items are always on the horizon at Woodbine.


jamaica way

JamaicaWay $

Downtown Farmer’s Market at Bicentennial Mall

Almost all of the food on the cafeteria-style line are gluten free except the things that obviously are not, such as the cornbread, rolls, and any dishes with pasta. The cook only uses cornstarch to thicken some sauces, if you want to avoid the cornstarch, just ask which ones are corn-free. The authentic jerk chicken is famous in Nashville as being one of the best. I personally love the oxtail, it’s one of the only casual places you can eat oxtail with some greens and sweet potatoes or plantains. Jamaica Way is not open on Saturdays, but any other day of the week, you can get some authentic, savory Jamaican food.

Flip Burger

West Nashville

I got a local lamb burger with feta which was very good and it even has pickled onions and cauliflower. The burgers here are grass fed and organic according to the menu. They have beef tallow fries which is a step up but unfortunately they use soybean oil to blanch them first but it is a step in the right direction. They also have a foie gras milkshake that looks very interesting. I was pleased to see they have a sturdy lettuce wrap without an upcharge and a gluten free bun option. I was impressed with their efforts to have Paleo friendly options and I will definitely go back.

 I-Phone Apps to Find Good Eats:

The Yelp Application or web sight is easy to use with good maps and directions. You can search for organic, grass fed and gluten free to find healthy places on the go.

Find Me Gluten Free Application is a another one that you can use to find gluten free places on the go.

Gluten Free Card is another application that has celiac information you can show to your server in over 20 Languages.

I hope you enjoy these paleo and gluten free restaurants in Nashville,TN.

What are some of your favorite Nashville gluten free/ Paleo eats?




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