Paleo Friendly Restaurants in San Francisco Part 3

I am always on the lookout for organic veggies and grass fed meats that won’t upset my system. So, I share Paleo Friendly Restaurants in San Francisco here.

Paleo Friendly Restaurants in San Francisco

Super Duper: Castro, Marina, Downtown SF, Mill Valley

This burger place uses Niman Ranch beef which is not grass fed but it is humanely and sustainably raised. You can get a lettuce wrapped burger with an organic egg, avocado and a grilled portobello mushroom, yummy! They even make their own pickles and they have organic ice cream (but I don’t think I that is a good idea if you want to look feel and perform your best). Please avoid the french fries cooked in rancid, free-radical causing vegetable oils. Oils like Canola and soybean are oxidized, factory-made oils make you hungrier and age faster!

Paleo Friendly Restaurants in San Francisco

Bullshead ( Photo: The Hamblogger)

Bullshead: West Portal

Of my favorite clients told me about this no-frills organic beef burger joint.  They also have Angus steaks and buffalo at this very meat centric pub. The steaks are not organic and buffalo is usually corn fed unless specified. I would get the organic grain fed burger this homey neighborhood place. For you primal folks I have heard that the “Challenger” is huge, it comes with bacon, avocado, cheese, mushroom and onion.

Underdog: Inner Sunset

This place has an entire page on their site extolling the virtues of choosing organic such as cleaner water, less cancer causing pesticides/fertilizers and reduced soil damage and erosion. They won an award for being an SF green business so I l think this is a good place to support despite the vegan dogs. They have pork, chicken, and grass-fed Let’s be Frank beef dogs and none of their meat dogs have gluten. They also have 3 types of mustard and some great sauerkraut to dress up your dog. I like to make kind of a salad dog with the mustard, onions, and kraut. If you feel like carb loading, they also have baked organic tater tots so you don’t have to worry about scary omega-6 oils used in the fryer.

4505 Meats at the Ferry Building

4505 meats: Ferry Building Plaza 10am -2pm Thursday’s and Saturday’s

This food stand and whole animal butchery company is very involved in sourcing and using pastured pork and grass fed aged beef. I had a double burger with and egg on top and it was memorable. The Chef owner teaches classes on how to make sausage and cut up carcasses like a pro. The owner started the company by making pork rinds and selling them to bars but unfortualnlty they are made with rice bran oil which is not an ancestral friendly food.

Prather Ranch Burger with Egg

Prather Ranch Meat Company: New Indoor Ferry Building Location

This place has had an outdoor location on Saturday morning for several years and is wildly popular. It even has featured a paleo meat salad on occasion. Much to my delight they now have an indoor location open all the time featuring organic beef from Washington State. I love the egg burger as usual and I found out that they even cook their eggs in clarified butter (ghee…whopee)! The best side item I ever had (in a long time) was the brocolli in brown butter with some (I think almonds) on top. It was the bomb!

Mission Beach Scramble (Photo: No Salad As A Meal Blog)

Mission Beach Cafe: Mission

This tiny cafe has rave reviews about it’s Prather burger for under $15. They have some great benedict’s and scrambles that I was excited to dig into. If you want to stay lean and mean I would avoid the potatoes. I also wanted to try the spare ribs with sweet potato hash and two eggs. Make sure and get a reservation or go on a weekday.

Limon Rotisserie: Mission, S. Van Ness, Bayview

This local chain has amazing Peruvian food like nutritious grilled beef heart and gluten-free rotisserie chicken. What else do you need? Maybe fresh citrus Ceviche and plenty of comforting vegetable sides will fit the bill. They have everything you need to make a cave girl happy! Be aware that some of the meat dishes are marinated in soy sauce which is made from wheat.

Bi-Rite:Mission/ Dolores Park

This sustainable grocery has tons of fun take away items for the perfect picnic in Dolores Park.  On a average day you will find  many made in-house seasonal salads, carry-out roasted chickens and smoked wild salmon, just to name a few. They ever have a sign that says they strive to be canola oil free with their prepared foods department (I love SF!). Your senses will be overwhelmed by all the beautiful organic and local food inside just waiting to hop into your picnic basket.

Verdure with sun dried tomatoes and shrimp

Pasta Pomodoro: Emeryville, Laurel Village, Noe and 13 more Bay area locations

I have always liked this place since moving to the city and I miss the one they used to have in North Beach…memories. Anyway my favorite thing here is the Brussels sprouts sauteed in copious amounts of butter and garlic. My favorite entree is the Verdure which is greens cooked in olive oil with chicken or shrimp, which is a filling and flavorful meal. They even have a gluten sensitive menu so you can make sure to get something that is pasta free.

Holy Grill: Soma

This casual place has certified humane burgers from Meyers Ranch. The beef burgers are big and very juicy. They also have a great organic buffalo burger and a wild salmon filet that are top notch. They owners must not have gotten the message that fat and cholesterol do not cause heart disease because they call their some of their burgers the “triple by-pass”.  Just pass on the bun and you will be fine!

Don’t see your favorite place listed? See my first post on Paleo friendly eats here: and my second post here. Tweet or Facebook me if there is a place I need to try!


I hate to rain on the parade but be aware that when you eat non-organic corn-fed animals that means you are eating GMO’s which have never been proven safe. 100% Grass Fed beef/lamb is superior to grain fed because it has a healthier composition of omega 3 to omega 6 which will help to lower inflammation and improve your health.  Always try to read the menu ahead to avoid a dear in headlights situation with the waiter. Eating organic food is also important to preserve our water and soil for future generations. Organic food also keeps our overburdened livers from having to detox harmful pesticides, fungicides and herbicides which will get in the way of our efforts to be slim and fit. I recommend eating at home with the best sourced ingredients you can afford for optimal health outcomes.Gluten contamination risk is high when eating out so if you are a Celiac or extremely gluten sensitive it is safer to cook at home. There is no perfect scenario when eating out so just do the best you can and don’t let the stress make you into shut-in.

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