Big News: Our New Mediterranean Paleo Cookbook Is Up for Pre-order!

Does this sound like you?

Do you have allergies/sensitivities to gluten, dairy, and soy?

Do you want to get healthy but think you have to eat boring, tasteless food to achieve your goals?

Do you worry that you are feeding your family too much processed and chemical-laden junk food?

Has your doctor told you to follow an anti-inflammatory diet?

Do ethnic recipes and exotic spices intimidate you?

Have you heard about the benefits of the Mediterranean diet or Paleo diet but don’t know where to start?

Are you always hungry but “balanced” meals and snacks never seem to fill you up?

Are you missing some of your favorite foods from your pre-Paleo diet?

Mediterranean Paleo Cookbook

  • What if you could have a 125+ recipe cookbook that is friendly to your food sensitives written by a real chef and holistic nutritionist?

  • What if dinner can feel like a trip to an far away land?

  • What if you could amaze your family and friends with your new found flavors that they will love?

  • What if your husband/wife/partner mistook you for a chef?

  • What if you could learn how to make tasty replacements for some of your favorite foods such as pasta, pizza and rice?

  • Would 20 new breakfast ideas get your day off to a great start?

  • Do you want to get healthy while eating tasty and nourishing food


Spice up your Paleo/Low Carb Diet/ Real Food diet!

  • Make authentic Moroccan slow-cooked Tajine’s
  • Make your own healing broths including: chicken, beef and fish.
  • Make many of your own French sauces: Bearnaise, Hollandaise, Aoili, Beurre Blanc, mushroom reduction and more.
  • Learn how to use authentic Mediterranean spices such as cinnamon, cumin and cilantro, paprika, ginger, and saffron.
  • Learn to make simple dishes to wow your family and friends at dinner parties.
  • Eat like you went on a vacation without leaving home.
  • Learn how to make crispy pizza and chewy pasta with easy to find ingredients.
  • Stay on your gluten, dairy, soy, corn free diet but feel like you are cheating!
  • Have your cake and eat it too with 18 guilt free desserts free of processed ingredients.

Why did we write this book?

My husband and I wanted to write this cookbook to show you how a holistic nutritionist and a professional chef eat in our home. My husband cooks recipes from his homeland on the Mediterranean sea adapted to fit a Paleo template. These are recipes that have been handed down in his family for generations. Caitlin tweaked the recipes to be gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free and refined sugar free.

A cooking class and a big trip!

We were motivated to write this book after we both saw major changes in our health after implementing a Paleo diet. We taught a cooking class together and it was so much fun to share our cooking and nutrition knowledge. After we had been writing this book for several months we took a trip to the North Africa and to France which brought the recipes to life and added to our excitement about this project.

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We wanted to bring all the nourishing traditional Mediterranean recipes home to you with a Paleo twist!

We want to make your journey towards health as tasty and as exciting as possible.

In good health,

Caitlin Weeks NC and Chef Nabil Boumrar

Nabil and Caitlin

How is this book different from other Paleo cookbooks?

This book is written by a classically trained chef and certified holistic nutritionist that are a husband and wife team. The authors healed their own health issues with the same types of nourishing cuisine. Nutritionist Caitlin offers a shopping list, meal plans, healthy food buying guide and nutrition tips throughout the book! Chef Nabil teaches the reader how to make signature dishes from North Africa, the Middle East and southern Europe such as Tajines and french sauces. His chef tips throughout, teach people the best technique.

What’s In Our New Book?

  • Easy breakfast ideas: Get a change of pace in your morning routine with new spins on your old favorites. Including crepes, muffins, fritatta, sausage, smoothies and more…
  • Snacks: Lots of easy appetizers for your parties and get-togethers
  • Seasonal salads: toss up a gourmet meal in no time with just a few ingredients
  • Easy soups: that you can throw together to spice up a boring weeknight
  • Huge red meat section: over 25 mouth watering red meat dishes that will please the carnivores
  • Savory sides: bring life to boring vegetables with new spices and herbs
  • Seafood: including sardines, anchovies, salmon, red snapper, calamari and more
  • Offal: New ideas for you to get more of these super foods into your family
  • Fermented foods: Try some new ferments to add rich probiotics to your diet
  • Desserts: That are full of traditional ingredients like pistachios and almonds. Most desserts will have low carb substitutions. (18 desserts)
  • Sauces, stocks and broth: wondering how the chefs make these items? We will show you!
Flicker dessers collage

Rave Reviews:

The recipes in here are so different from anything I’ve ever seen before but still use really easy-to-find ingredients. I’ve eaten at Caitlin & Nabil’s home many times, and every time I say “what IS this? It’s ridiculously good!!” They always tell me it’s easy to make… I didn’t believe them – until now. This book is filled with TONS of recipes – over 125 of them – many with “Nutritionist’s tips” from Caitlin. Her husband is a professionally trained chef, so he’s also added “Chef’s tips” for you too. This book is filled with legit recipes, no fillers and no lame stuff – you’ll look through it and feel like you want to make it ALL!!! There are even 8 offal recipes!- Diane Sanfilippo BS, NC, New York Times Bestselling author of Practical Paleo and The 21-Day Sugar Detox

I have seen Caitlin’s book evolve from idea to end product and along the way I have been drooling over the recipes she’s been including. I often tell her I can’t wait to try the recipe on the cover, or the newest photograph she sends me from the photo shoot that day. You will find an adventure in spices and ethnic food in this book.” -Carol Lovett, Owner of Ditch The Wheat & author of Indulge: 70 Grain Free Desserts
“Prepare to be taken on an exotic taste adventure! Caitlin and Nabil make it easy for us to enjoy Mediterranean style dishes in the comfort of our own homes. They take the guess work out of using Mediterranean spice combinations and complex dishes. The ebook includes easy to understand recipes, mouthwatering photos, and Paleo nutrition tips. It’s the perfect way to spice up your Paleo diet!”- Karen Sorenson, Blogger at Living Low Carb…One Day at a Time and author of Awaken: 30+ Egg Free and Grain Free Breakfasts
Every recipe fits into a Paleo Template:
  • No Grains
  • No White Potatoes
  • No Beans
  • Dairy Free Options
  • No Processed Sugars
  • No Preservatives
  • Lower carb substitutions

Includes a shopping list, spices guide, healthy fats guide, and food resource guide.


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