Paleo Home Tour: Grain Free Real Food Couple

Last night I visited my little sister and her boyfriend at his house in Nashville, TN. It was great to see a young couple living real food, Paleo principles in their daily life. They cooked dinner for me and it was gourmet! They also took me on a garden and home tour. They made this awesome meal where they had the clever idea of baking sweet potatoes and then using the hollow skins as buns. It was so tasty and a nice change of pace!

They have a great garden in the back where they grow lots of yummy vegetables. The season was ending but there was still one sweet potato on the ground. The squash on my plate was from the garden and topped with grass fed butter.


Ellen and Micah were already eating paleo when they met earlier this year. They share a lot of the same interests like healthy cooking, farming, fermentation and travel. You can read my little sister’s story about getting healthy here.


Ellen and Michah in the kitchen

They also found some gluten free Paleo cider. Micah told a funny story about how the cashier at the liquor store agreed about how getting rid of gluten reduced gut inflammation.The cashier remarked “you gotta do it, man” What an educated cashier!

Micah is a grill master and he made blended lamb and bison burgers which were so moist and still pink inside.


Some cool artwork on the wall!


Micah’s Aquaponics farm is coming along! He wants to create a food forest on his property to create his own sustenance. He even has fruit trees planted all over his front yard.

20121006-061340.jpg Ellen also has a great herb garden in the back with cilantro, sage and rosemary.

They even have a fermentation nook where they make kombucha, sauerkraut and other preserved veggies.

Some suggested reading I found. I loved the tiny house book! It had great photos of boats, trailers and treehouses where people are living minimalist lifestyles. So cool!


The three of us chatted and talked a lot about Paleo topics like the tiny house movement and how to perfect Paleo pizza dough. Micah claims to have found the perfect combination of ingredients.  Maybe I can get him to share his recipe. We also hypothesized about how to make awesome Paleo fudge. Then I was enlightened about the ease benefits of making lacto-fermented mayo. Then they gave me some 85% dark chocolate and bubble water as a night cap. What a fun evening!

Do you want to be healthy like Ellen and Micah?

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