Paleo, Low Carb and Gluten Free Chain Restaurants: Eating Out While Traveling

Many people follow Paleo and gluten free diets because they have health issues that are exacerbated by eating gluten which makes traveling a challenge.  The reason I am careful is because I have an autoimmune thyroid condition that is flared up by eating gluten, meaning my body attacks itself which makes eating on the road a challenge. I am very careful to follow a grain free not just gluten free diet at all times to lower risk and enhance my health. It is also important to pay attention to food quality (as much as possible) to keep your tummy happy. Sometimes ordering at a restaurant with gluten intolerance can be a stressful experience.  By pre-planning you can enjoy your travels and stay healthy on the road. See post with travel tips for staying Paleo here.

Paleo, Low Carb and Gluten Free Chain Restaurants
Protein Style at In and Out Burger
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Paleo, Low Carb and Gluten Free Chain Restaurants

Chain Restaurants with Gluten Free Offerings:


Red Robin:  Get the lettuce wedge guacamole burger is a favorite in my family. They have clear gluten free recommendations.
Five Guys: Has a gluten free menu and some celiac sites report that their fries are gluten free but the  peanut oil they use is not a heart healthy oil. Ask them change their method in the future in favor of lard or beef tallow which is a more stable less oxidized cooking fat.
The Counter: This place has humanely raised no antibiotic beef that can be served exactly how you like it. You can even write your own order by circling toppings on a notepad. They are very helpful about avoiding gluten when I went there in LA.
In and Out Burger: The special sauce is gluten free but I am sure it is full of sugar and soybean oil. The fries are gluten free according to celiac websites, just be sure to order protein style for a nice lettuce wrap. According to the website their meat is additive free which hopefully means no pink slime.
Get Fajitas without marinade at Chevy’s


Moe’s SouthWest Grill: 100% grass fed beef (also gluten free) taco salad is a winner! Gluten free menu is on the website.
Chipotle: Always a favorite on the road salad bowl with double meat with guacamole is my favorite. They source humane meats and with the carnitas being soybean oil free! Ask the server to use clean gloves when making your burrito(less) bowl.
Chevy’s has lots of gluten free menu to keep your fiesta going. Make sure and get the fajitas with no marinade. Mexican food is usually a safer choice for avoiding gluten when dining out.
Gluten Free Fare at Flemings photo credit


Ted’s Montana Grill: Features a gluten free menu with healthy buffalo steaks and burgers.
Outback Steakhouse: Gluten free menu featuring succulent seafood and steaks.
Flemings: Has a gluten free menu available. Prime rib with horseradish cream anyone?
Logan’s Roadhouse : The menu says they have options listed and to ask management at each location.
Ruby Tuesday’s: Gluten free menu and a plentiful salad bar.
Jason’s Deli: Great salad bar and gluten free menu (They also ban trans fat and HFCS!)
California Pizza Kitchen: Gluten free menu featuring a great roasted vegetable salad (just add meat!).
The Melting Pot: Gluten free menu with cooking sauces like like Coq au Vin and Caribbean Mojo!
Chili’s: I wasn’t too excited about Chili’s after reading The End of Overeating by Dr. David Kessler, all about flavor engineering. But they do have a gluten free menu.
Applebee’s: I am not a fan but if you have no other choice and are really in the middle of nowhere. They do have allergen info you can download from their website.
P.F. Chang’s: They have a gluten free menu chock full of options.  I like the Norwegian salmon and the side of Brussels sprouts.  Be aware that it can get really salty and many sauces have tons of added sugar.
Pei Wei: This place is a cousin of P.F. Chang. It has a really good gluten free menu. I have had the Vietnamese lettuce wraps minus the peanuts, rice noodles, and sugary sauces. You can ask for your food to be cooked in broth which is better than soybean oil. Bring your own coconut amino’s for flavor.
 Fresh Wild Fish at Bonefish Grille
Bonefish Grill:  They have awesome seafood dishes with a gluten free menu. Always ask them to cook your food in butter and get wild fish to avoid extra toxins from corn fed farmed fish.
Legal Seafood: They have 49 gluten free options at this east coast chain!

Mixed Grille at Olive Garden

Magianno’s: Has a gluten free menu also, read more about how the executive chef can customize dishes for gluten free diners.
Carabba’s: This regional favorite has ingredients straight from Italy. Be sure to ask for meats without the grill baste. The Marsala sirloin looks wonderful with prosciutto mushrooms and wine sauce.
Macaroni Grill: The Pollo Caprese with arugula and Pomodoro sauce is making me hungry. They even have a make your own option where you can pick your own meat/veg/sauce for a grain free dish.
Mello Mushroom: I am not sure how a place can be gluten free when they are throwing flour into the air, but that is what the gluten free menu says. I am not a big fan of gluten free pizza save it for your birthday if you must. Try a cauliflower crust at home like this one for less gut disruption.
Olive Garden: This menu looks first class with lots of pictures. The mixed grill is calling my name (Grassfedgirl eat me!). I just don’t know if I could stand the temptation of the ridiculous unlimited circulating bread baskets. Aren’t Americans fat enough?

I-Phone apps to find good eats while on the road:
The Yelp Application or website is easy to use with good maps and directions. You can search for organic, grass fed, or gluten free to find healthy places on the go.
Find Me Gluten Free Application is a another one that you can use to find gluten free eats while traveling.
Gluten Free Card is a great application that has celiac information you can show to your server in over 20 Languages.
This is only a guide for educational purposes. Always check with each restaurant for current gluten safety policies. Cook at home as much as possible and read labels to avoid contamination and to increase food quality.

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