Paleo Peach Cobbler (Nut Free)


I made this peach cobbler for some of our couple friends who were coming over. They were not Paleo but they gobbled up this yummy cobbler in no time. I used a few pears I had left over as well as peaches so you can really use any fruit you have sitting around. I topped […]

Healthy Snacks: Sardines Dip Recipe


Sardines are a healthy snack that are full of minerals and vitamins and an ancestral food that supported humans for thousands of years. The bones, which are full of calcium are very small and unnoticeable especially when made into a dip. Sardines are more sustainable than larger fish becasue they reproduce quickly and they are […]

Low Carb Pasta Recipe with Review and Giveaway


If you have been following my blog for any amount of time you know I love low carb recipes. Kyndra was one of my low carb friends before she became my essential oils friend. Following a low carb lifestyle helps keep me and my blood sugar levels under control and while some think low carb is […]

Relaxing Aromatherapy Lotion


  I made this relaxing aromatherapy lotion for my best friend as part of a gift basket for her birthday. It has 4 oils that are good for soothing the nerves and creating a relaxed mood after a stressful day on the go. Many essential oils sold in the grocery or health food store are […]

Essential Oil Recipes: How to Make Perfume


I started using essential oils about a year ago. They have been very helpful for me to avoid toxic products in my medicine cabinets such as conventional perfume that is full of synthetic ingredients that can disrupt normal hormonal balance. Citrus oils can support natural detoxification processes in the body and enhance normal immune function. Ococtea […]

Easy Breakfast Recipe: Paleo Oatmeal Gluten Free


Breakfast is one of my favorite meals and when I went Paleo oatmeal was the one food that I really missed. Bread was not really that big of deal, I already didn’t eat much of that because I knew it was fattening. Oatmeal is so warm and comforting but this version I think will please. […]

Healthy Balsamic Vinaigrette Recipe


I love this dressing because it is light and fresh for summer salads or anytime of year. It is a perfect complement to salads or as a marinade for chicken/steak.  You can play around with the ratios of vinegar to olive oil. I like a lot of vinegar so I would choose to make mine […]

5 Best Essential Oils for Men


Of course almost all essential oils are great for both sexes. These 5 oils are especially alluring when my husband wears them but it is important to understand that pure essential oils can very helpful for supporting good health not just smelling good. It is important to only use the very best essential oils such […]

Paleo Cauliflower Pizza Crust Recipe


I have always wanted to make a cauliflower crust that was dairy free becasue many low carb recipes have cheese which can not be tolerated by Paleo people. The toppings you choose are up to you. I added an organic pastured/ grass fed cheese because I am eating cheese this week. My recipe was very […]

Paleo Diet Food List


Do you go to the grocery store but don’t know where to start when trying to make healthy choices? Here are 3 steps to follow to get a fresh start on a healthy lifestyle.   1. Shop the perimeter- The real food is always around the outside of the store. It usually does not have […]

Paleo Diet Recipes Book Review


Bill and Hayley of the Primal Palate have done it again.  They have created yet another masterpiece to join the ranks of their first three books: Make it Paleo, 30 Day Guide to Paleo, Gather and now Make It Paleo II. This new creation is going to wow you. Make it Paleo II has beautiful photography, that which can only […]

Young Living Essential Oil Diffuser Giveaway

aria-diffuser square

Happy May! I hope spring has sprung where you live and you are enjoying your essential oils this season. I wanted to tell you about a great new contest I am hosting for my Young Living team members.  The prizes are based on your PV (purchase value) for the month of May. If you spend […]

Paleo Things to Do in New York City


                                    In early summer 2012 we visited NYC for the first time together and if you scroll down you will find pics from our second trip. Nabil had never been and the last several time I went I […]