Low Carb Breakfast Bagels with Sesame Seeds (Paleo and Nut Free)


 Of course in my former pre-Paleo life I loved bagels and grew up in the 1990’s heyday of whole grain hedonism. There was a bagel shop that popped up on every corner when I was kid. I love bagels with light cream cheese or low fat spray butter which does not provide nutrient density. Lots […]


Easy Cookie Recipe: Paleo Almond Squares with Chocolate Sauce


Happy Tuesday! I had a long weekend of having fun with my husband since I had been away for nearly 3 weeks. We also had the Presidents Day holiday and went on a hike followed by gluten free Indian food in our neighborhood in San Francisco, where every cuisine in the whole world is represented, […]


Homemade Dark Chocolate Candy Bears with Lavender Oil


 I love making homemade chocolates for my Valentine. My husband and I have been married for nearly 9 years which is hard to believe. I think I love him more everyday and since we do not have kids yet, everyday is like Valentines day! These candies have lavender oil which will help you relax away […]


Kasindrinos Olive Oil and Granilla Bar Giveaway with Practical Paleo and Mediterranean Paleo Cooking


I wanted to giveaway this awesome prize pack on two of the best Paleo books: Practical Paleo and Mediterranean Paleo Cooking! Plus this awesome gift pack from Granilla Bar and Kasindrinos olive oil. I have been friends with Tony Kasindrinos a few years and I know he works hard importing the very best olive oil […]


Paleo Game Day Appetizers (gluten free and low carb)


Here are a few appetizer recipes supplied by my blogger buddies and myself. I am so pleased to be in the company of so many talented cooks and photographers. I wanted to put together a recipe round up that would be perfect for a Superbowl party or gluten free get-together. It is important to socialize […]


Everyday Essential Oils: Peppermint Uses and Giveaway


Everyday Essential Oils: Peppermint Uses and Giveaway Peppermint is a great essential oil, it really increases my productivity.  I like to diffuse peppermint and it fills my whole house with a wonderful scent that helps motivate me to keep working for hours.   What are Essential Oils and Why Use Them Essential oils are the natural, aromatic […]