How to Make Ghee In The Crock-Pot

How to Make Ghee In The Crock-Pot –

How to Make Ghee In The Crock-Pot

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I never used much ghee before because it is pretty pricey at over $10 for a 13 oz jar and that seemed out of my budget. Grass Fed Butter, which is used to make ghee, is rich in vitamin A and D but it also has a milk protein called casein that causes a reaction in some people. Casein has been shown to be inflammatory in many studies but those are usually done with conventional feed- lot antibiotic filled milk, which is not a fair comparison with raw grass-fed dairy.

It is a good idea to eliminate dairy for 3-4 weeks to see if it is causing you digestive distress, sinus problems, rashes or weight gain. I tried this recently and I don’t think grass fed butter is a problem for me but each person has to test their own tolerance. Besides the benefit of getting rid of the casein, ghee tastes amazing! Ghee is a beneficial saturated fat that is shelf stable and safe for use at higher heats. Here is how the magic happens..

How to Make Ghee In The Crock-Pot

Grass Fed Ghee in 4 Easy Steps from Grass Fed Girl


How to Make Ghee In The Crock-Pot

1. Place three or four 8oz packages of grass fed butter such as Kerrygold ($2.79 each at trader Joe’s) into your crock pot.

2. Set it on low for 2.5 hours.

3. Put a cheesecloth over a glass container and strain the cooked butter through it.You should end up with almost as much product as you started out with. There should only be a small amount of milk solids left that can be discarded.

4. Cover and keep in the cupboard or refrigerator for future delicious recipes. Ghee can be used anywhere butter would normally be used. It has a sweet flavor that is wonderful change of pace.

5. Ghee has a really long shelf life so you can leave it out about a year. I have read that they found it in the Egyptians pyramids and it was still good.

If this seems like too much trouble you can buy grass fed organic ghee here.

How to Make Ghee In The Crock-Pot

Finished product: ghee!



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  1. says

    I suspected I was sensitive to casein after a gallbladder attack brought on by eating greek yogurt. I later was tested for IgG allergies and tested positive for bovine derived casein & whey. I also showed a reaction to goat dairy but not nearly as significant as bovine. Anyways, my symptoms outside of the one gallbladder attack was tension in my head, neck and shoulders as well as fatigue. I also had one eye that would get watery on occasion. I’ve been dairy-free since Dec. 2011 and have found ghee to be a lifesaver. I love it. I make my own as well as buy it. I use the stovetop method, but will try your crockpot method next time. Thanks Caitlin! <3 Vanessa

  2. ellen says

    hi – great article. I like the crock pot idea! The link to buy the ghee isn’t working – fyi.