Homemade Healing Blueberry Gelatin

Homemade Healing Blueberry Gelatin

Homemade Healing Blueberry Gelatin

I have been messing around with gelatin a lot. It is my new hobby besides mainlining broth. I used to eat a million sugar free Jello pudding back in the day when I was on Weight Watchers. They were good but then my health went down hill. Wonder why? Asparatame, msg. artificial flavors and more, it is enough to make your body go on strike. This healing natural gelatin recipe is much better option!


1 cup water

1 cup fresh blueberries

1 Tbsp grass fed gelatin

2 tbsp lemon juice

6-8 drops  liquid stevia OR

1-2 Tbsp honey to taste


Cook the blueberries in the water until they are soft over medium heat.

Strain out the blueberries peels through a wire mesh.

Press the blueberries into the mesh to make sure you get all the liquid out.

Put the liquid back in the pan and dissolve gelatin over the heat.

Add the sweetener and the lemon juice.

Put in small cups to chill for one hour in the fridge.

Makes enough for two small servings or one big one (all for me!)


Does this sound like you?

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