Easy Paleo, Low Carb Strawberry Panna Cotta Pudding with Healing Gelatin

Easy Paleo, Low Carb Strawberry Panna Cotta Pudding with Healing Gelatin

Easy Paleo, Low Carb Strawberry Panna Cotta Pudding with Healing Gelatin

1 15 oz can of full fat coconut milk
1 lb package of organic strawberries  (strawberries are on the EWG dirty dozen for pesticides and fungicides)
1 tbsp of lemon juice
2 Tbsp of grass fed gelatin
8-10 drops of liquid stevia or
2 Tbsp of honey
1 Tbsp of coconut oil (for greasing ramekins)

Rinse and chop the strawberries and put in a large mixing bowl
Heat up the coconut milk on medium heat
Dissolve the gelatin in 2-3 Tbsp of water
When the coconut milk is hot, remove from heat and whisk in the gelatin and sweetener.
Pour the mixture over the strawberries, add the lemon juice
Use an immersion blender to puree (find my favorite hand blender here)
Once it is all mixed well, pour into ramekins greased with coconut oil for easy release
(or you can use a silicone pannacotta sheet mold for no hassles)
Let it chill for an hour in the fridge or 30 minutes in the freezer
To release set the ramekin in a tub of hot water for 5-10 minutes
Then turn the pudding out onto a serving plate
Garnish with fresh berries

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