Down With the Thigh Gap!! Women Should Love Their Bodies Now!

I wanted to share this awesome video clip with you from the Ellen Show where Robin Lawley, a plus sized model was interviewed. She is a beautiful 6’2 bombshell from Australia who was called fat when she didn’t have a thigh gap. She is absolutely gorgeous and she has some wonderful empowering messages for women. […]

New Video: Tips for Eating Paleo, Gluten, and Grain Free at Restaurants

More tips for eating gluten free/ grain free at restaurants: Paleo Restaurants in SF part 1 Paleo Restaurants in SF part 2 Paleo Friendly Eats in SF  part 3 Gluten Free Guide to Chain Restaurants: Hidden gluten ingredient used in many restaurant dishes: Gluten Free Travel  in Kauai, Hawaii Cut the Canola Tell what you […]