Funny Grass Fed Cow Song Video

Funny grass fed cow song video from the mother on Downtown Abbey. This video is all about grass fed cows and it made me laugh. I thought my readers would get a kick out of it too. Read my post about Downtown Abbey and healthy lifestyle habits here

Down With the Thigh Gap!! Women Should Love Their Bodies Now!

I wanted to share this awesome video clip with you from the Ellen Show where Robin Lawley, a plus sized model was interviewed. She is a beautiful 6’2 bombshell from Australia who was called fat when she didn’t have a thigh gap. She is absolutely gorgeous and she has some wonderful empowering messages for women. […]

New Video: Tips for Eating Paleo, Gluten, and Grain Free at Restaurants

More tips for eating gluten free/ grain free at restaurants: Paleo Restaurants in SF part 1 Paleo Restaurants in SF part 2 Paleo Friendly Eats in SF  part 3 Gluten Free Guide to Chain Restaurants: Hidden gluten ingredient used in many restaurant dishes: Gluten Free Travel  in Kauai, Hawaii Cut the Canola Tell what you […]