Busy Wife and Mom Goes Paleo: loses weight and find energy!

before and after

I was delighted to have one of my favorite cousins write a guest post for me. Her family tried Paleo because they heard about the anti-inflammatory benefits. The irony is that she tried Paleo for her husband originally, but got hooked on it after seeing so many changes in her own well being. She needs […]

Ditch the Wheat’s Paleo Success Story and E-Book Preview

Carol Lovett Before and After Paleo

I recently had the privilege of interviewing my friend Carol from the Ditch the Wheat.com about her success with Paleo and her new E-cookbook. Carol’s story is featured in the great book The Paleo Miracle From Carol: What made you go Paleo in the first place? I was seeing a specialist for vertigo problems and […]

Paleo Marine: George Bryant’s Weight Loss Success Story (with pancake recipe)


From Grass Fed Girl: I met George at Paleo FX in March and I immediatley noticed what a friendly and caring person he is. He offered me advice about my blog and I learned about his struggles with weight and body image. Of course I can relate to people like that having been through many […]

Reader Success Story: How I healed my digestive issues with a Paleo diet


From GFG: I received this story from a reader who is passionate about helping others after healing herself. I thought many of you may identify with her story. Angela’s Story: My life changed at the age of 28 when I got an Irritable Bowel Syndrome diagnosis. I went from a driven career woman in New […]

My Stepmom’s Wheat Free Success Story and Her “Wheat Belly” Bread Recipe

My little sister holding my Step-mom's "Wheatbelly" bread

My Stepmom decided to go gluten free about one year ago and she is even grain free about 90% of the time. She really had a hard time giving up bread for breakfast when she started on her grain free lifestyle. This nut bread recipe really helped her to fill the void left by bread […]