10 Celebrities Who Follow the Paleo Diet


In 2013 the Paleo diet became most Googled diet on the web and is the most popular diet these days with a huge celebrity following. More and more famous people, celebrities and professional athletes are heading the paleo way and have selected to stay vibrant and fit by practicing the Paleo lifestyle. It is not […]

5 Reasons I Love The Paleo Diet


This is a guest post from a new friend I made at Paleo FX in 2014. Her name is Erica Spagnola and I encourged her to start blogging to tell her story and spread the word about Paleo. She started blogging over at ericaspagnola.com so be sure to keep up with her adventures. 5 Reasons […]

Busy Wife and Mom Goes Paleo: loses weight and find energy!

before and after

I was delighted to have one of my favorite cousins write a guest post for me. Her family tried Paleo because they heard about the anti-inflammatory benefits. The irony is that she tried Paleo for her husband originally, but got hooked on it after seeing so many changes in her own well being. She needs […]

Ditch the Wheat’s Paleo Success Story and E-Book Preview

Carol Lovett Before and After Paleo

I recently had the privilege of interviewing my friend Carol from the Ditch the Wheat.com about her success with Paleo and her new E-cookbook. Carol’s story is featured in the great book The Paleo Miracle From Carol: What made you go Paleo in the first place? I was seeing a specialist for vertigo problems and […]

Bridal Weight Loss Success Story

Bridal Weight Loss Success Story

Bridal Weight Loss Success Story Introduction from Grass Fed Girl: I set up a shopping tour at the grocery store with the lovely bride, Athena so we could get her diet on track for her upcoming wedding. At first she seemed to be confused by all the conflicting diet info she had read or seen […]

Paleo Marine: George Bryant’s Weight Loss Success Story (with pancake recipe)


From Grass Fed Girl: I met George at Paleo FX in March and I immediatley noticed what a friendly and caring person he is. He offered me advice about my blog and I learned about his struggles with weight and body image. Of course I can relate to people like that having been through many […]

Reader Success Story: How I healed my digestive issues with a Paleo diet


From GFG: I received this story from a reader who is passionate about helping others after healing herself. I thought many of you may identify with her story. Angela’s Story: My life changed at the age of 28 when I got an Irritable Bowel Syndrome diagnosis. I went from a driven career woman in New […]

My Stepmom’s Wheat Free Success Story and Her “Wheat Belly” Bread Recipe

My little sister holding my Step-mom's "Wheatbelly" bread

My Stepmom’s Wheat Free Success Story: My Stepmom decided to go gluten free about one year ago and she is even grain free about 90% of the time. She really had a hard time giving up bread for breakfast when she started on her grain free lifestyle. This nut bread recipe really helped her to […]

Paleo Home Tour: Grain Free Real Food Couple


Last night I visited my little sister and her boyfriend (now husband) at his house in Nashville, TN. It was great to see a young couple living real food, Paleo principles in their daily life. They cooked dinner for me and it was gourmet! They also took me on a garden and home tour. They […]

Bridal Health and Fitness Makeover


This entry was sent to me by an amazing client who really took responsibility for her own health and fitness so she could look amazing on her wedding day. I often collaborate with my friend Tammy from Bridal Fitness Coach to help her brides get healthy and into awesome shape for their big day. I […]