Free Surviving the Holiday’s Tele-Seminar: Our 3 Best Tips

Holiday Tele-class

  The holidays mean hustle & bustle, long hours, parties, sugar, booze, and STRESS. Want to learn 3 easy tips you can incorporate right away to ease some of the craziness this time of year brings? Join certified nutrition consultants Caitlin Weeks & Mary Vance on the phone for a tele-seminar on Wednesday evening, December […]

How to Lower Stress for Longevity

  You don’t have to go on vacation to de-stress your body 1.    Sleep from 10pm to 6am = 8 hours a night. 2.    Eliminate caffeine/coffee by switching to green tea, then taper off. You can drink organic decaf if this helps you. 3.    Drink water with lemon, 64 oz a day. This helps to unburden […]