Paleo Blackberry Shortcake Recipe


I had a barbeque last night at my house and this dessert was the main attraction. Grass fed chef made a bunch of recipes from Mediterranean Paleo Cooking including Kefta kebabs and charmoula marinated chicken. He was the boss of the grill! Everyone was raving about this his grilling and they were delighted by my […]

Paleo Flourless Chocolate Cake


Sarah Outlaw of the awesome blog Real Food Outlaw was so nice to review Mediterranean Paleo Cooking and shares my Paleo Flourless Chocolate Cake! My paleo Flourless Chocolate Cake is a wonderful recipe from Mediterranean Paleo Cooking that has a hint of orange with all that chocolate.  It’s very rich and creamy…perfect for your holiday party.   “ORANGE AND […]

Powerful Video About Obesity Epidemic

Powerful Video About Obesity Epidemic – I found this very interesting video about obesity. It really struck a cord with me. What do you think? Is it sending the right message about the issues that surround the unhealthy eating epidemic in the Western world? Powerful Video About Obesity Epidemic

Vitamix Giveaway Winner Announcement


Thank you to everyone who entered the Vitamix Giveaway! And now the moment you’ve all been waiting for…time to announce the winner! And the winner is….. Nicole Barrett (nbar…… Nicole! Please send an email to caitlin(AT)grassfedgirl(DOT)com with your mailing address within 48 of posting in order to claim your prize. ***Thank you for entering! Make […]

Paleo FX Convention Review 2014

Grass Fed Girl PFX review 2014

Paleo FX convention review 2014 – Thanks for clicking to read my post: Paleo FX convention review 2014! When we were getting ready to travel to the 2014 Paleo FX convention this year I was so excited (partly so I could write this review). I had to go shopping since pj’s were not an option […]

Natural Solutions to Infertility, PCOS and Female Hormone Imbalances


Natural Solutions to Infertility, PCOS and Female Hormone Imbalances –  Are you looming for Natural Solutions to Infertility, PCOS and Female Hormone Imbalances? This is a guest post from my friend, functional medicine doctor, Dr. Justin Marchegiani Natural Solutions to Infertility, PCOS and Female Hormone Imbalances If you’re a female and suffering from infertility or […]

Health Nuts Podcast: How to Rev Up Your Sex Drive with Stefani Ruper


Listen here: Listen to full Podcast on iTunes HERE Welcome to the Health Nuts Podcast with certified holistic nutrition consultants Mary Vance & Caitlin Weeks. Our goal is to dispel mainstream nutrition myths and bring you the best in holistic health & real food education. NEW ON THE BLOGS/updates Mary: How to improve your sex […]

Mediterranean Paleo Recipe Roundup (grain free and gluten free)

Mediterranean Collage

My husband is a Mediterranean Chef who grew up in North Africa eating traditional foods such as lamb, sardines and liver. He has been teaching me how to cook his favorite dishes for the past 7 years of our marriage. I have blogged several of his special recipes on my site adapting them to have […]

Perfect Grain Free Primal Pizza Recipe and Video

My sister and her fiance are in the kitchen, once again, cooking up some grain free deliciousness! My parents gave Micah’s gluten free pizza two thumbs way up when he recently cooked it for them! If you have been missing your pizza, this Paleo couple claims that this pie is the real deal! Ingredients: For […]

Mad Women: Understanding Betty’s Thyroid Issues


Mad Women: Understanding Betty’s Thyroid Issues – I am major fan of Mad Men and I was intrigued when Betty had a thyroid lump in Episode 3 of Season 5. Betty is Don’s ex -wife who has gained some major pounds since season 4 and it is revealed that she has thyroid problem. I want […]

Zenbelly: Paleo Pop-Up Dinner Party

Organic salad with heirloom tomatoes and homemade balsamic dressing

Zenbelly: Paleo Pop-Up Dinner Party Last Saturday night I attended a Paleo pop-up dinner party by Zenbelly organic catering which is owned my friend Simone Schifnadel. It was a great time for everyone involved. I had my own gang of friends but we saw other paleo peeps and made some new friends. The location was […]

12 Reasons You Can’t Trust Your Scale

Reasons You Can't Trust Your Scale

12 Reasons You Can’t Trust Your Scale – In the Middle Ages, they had guillotines, stretch racks, whips and chains.  Nowadays, we have a much more effective torture device called the bathroom scale.  ~Stephen Phillips 12 Reasons You Can’t Trust Your Scale There are many positive physiological changes that can be observed after following a […]