7 Tips for Making Bone Broth Gel

how to get gelled broth

Bone broth provides important minerals and vitamins that we need to cope with stress in our daily lives. It is an inexpensive way to get minerals and vitamins without taking supplements, which sometimes are not absorbed by the body when isolated from foods in supplements. Broth also fights wrinkles, cellulite and is good for loose […]

Easy Crock Pot Bone Broth


Easy Crock Pot Bone Broth Ingredients: 1 lb-2 lbs bones from pastured animals (chicken feet/necks or beef bones knuckles are best) 4 cloves organic garlic 1-2 gallons filtered water Sea salt and pepper to taste 2 tbsp apple cider vinegar other of choice vegetables (optional, can make it bitter ) other herbs (optional) Directions: Put […]