Against All Grain and Beyond Bacon Paleo Cookbook Giveaway and Review

Against All Grain and Beyond Bacon Paleo Cookbook Giveaway and Review – 

Against All Grain and Beyond Bacon Paleo Cookbook

Against All Grain and Beyond Bacon Paleo Cookbook Giveaway and Review

Against All Grain Review:

There are no words to describe this book by Danielle Walker, of the crazy popular Against All grain Blog who is a busy wife and mom from Northern California. First of all the story is amazing: Danielle was wasting away and almost dying a few years ago from her Ulcerative Colitis then she finds SCD and paleo and regains her health. She was in serious danger and her doctors did not offer any sustainable solutions. the only option she found was to change her diet and what do you know, it worked!

The photography and food styling is  up there with Gourmet magazine and the the food looks so yummy I just wish it would jump off the page into my mouth. The book is worth every penny at 34.95 which is the list price but you can lock in the best price when you pre-order here. This would be a great gift for a loved one with digestive troubles who is resistant about changing their diet.

I hear rave review of her grain free bread recipes. I am also excited to try the Blt wraps and the breakfast cookies! Anyone you give this too will not notice what is missing, for sure! I am excited to go the Against All Grain Book Signing on Aug 3, 2013 here in San Francisco that will actually be in my neighborhood. It will be a big Paleo meetup for sure!

Beyond Bacon Book Review:

I went on the low carb cruise in 2012 with Matt and Stacy the Authors of Beyond Bacon and the well know blog Paleo Parents, so I know they are passionate about their bacon. They also have an amazing story of helping their family and themselves with a Paleo diet. Stacy lost over 100 lbs and Matt lost a ton of weight too. They used a paleo diet to help one of their 3 children with his attention problems at school as well and now he is making awesome grades! Their other two sons suffered from asthma and eczema which have now resolved!!

When I first got the book in the mail I noticed that it was hardcover which was really impressive. Many people think of bacon as unhealthy but the Paleo Parents point out that the meat of an animal is only as healthy as what it ate and how it was raised. This is a very important distinction as many pigs are fed only corn and are kept in confinement creating a stressed animal with unhealthy meat (same goes for cows and chickens too). The fat from free roaming animals has a healthier fatty acid profile meaning it will lower our inflammation, especially in the context of a paleo diet.

I was really impressed that Joel Salatin wrote the foreword to their book because he is a big leader of the sustainable farming movement and a prolific writer. The photography in Beyond Bacon is amazing and has a dark rustic style that gives it alot of personality. They give us great tips on how to use the whole animal which is important in the context of nutrient density as well as saving money. Matt and Stacy are known for their desserts and this book does not disappoint. They figured out how to put bacon in everything from muffins, ice cream muffins, apple pie,  fudge and more.

They have a full section on how to butcher a pig with diagrams. They also talk about how we were sold a bill of goods by the vegetable oil industry in cahoots with Ancel Keys when we were taught that saturated fat will kill us. They aslo go tackle the that pork is harmful for our blood but you have to read it to find out the verdict on that one.

My favorite part about the book is that they are teaching their kids to honor the animal and appreciate where their food comes from. They took their family to the farm many times to see how animals should be properly raised because you can’t get health from a sick animal. If we all remembered these lessons our health and the health of the planet would be a lot better off.

This book is crowd pleaser for sure and you will be wiping the baconaise from your family’s smiling faces after you start cooking all the wonderful and healing recipes inside.

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