Transition Your Family to Paleo in 3 Easy Steps: Book Review and Giveaway

Transition Your Family to Paleo in 3 Easy Steps: Book Review and Giveaway – 
Transition Your Family to Paleo in 3 Easy Steps: Book Review

Are you wanting to transition your family to Paleo in 3 easy steps?

Transition Your Family to Paleo in 3 Easy Steps: Book Review and Giveaway – 

I understand the Paleo diet can seem overwhelming, especially if you’ve been eating a SAD (Standard American Diet) all your life. No grains, no sugars, minimally processed foods!?! These simple guidelines might have you thinking the only option is to hunt and gather which is very far from the truth. If the thought of transitioning to Paleo overwhelms you, 3 Phase Paleo by Stacy Toth and Matthew McCarry is the ebook for you.
Stacy and Matt, the dynamic parent duo behind the Paleo Parents blog, have created a step by step path to transitioning to Paleo in their new ebook – 3 Phase Paleo. They have lost a combined 200 lbs on Paleo and still continue to heal from years on the SAD diet.

I have known Matt and Stacy for several years and have seen them grow and change with this lifestyle. I was able to go on the Low Carb Cruise in 2012 where I got to know them and then I saw them again this year at Paleo FX.

Not everyone can go Paleo in one full sweep. Going from a SAD diet to a Paleo Diet & Lifestyle involves many changes and not only in the kitchen bun in our lifestyle including sleep and fun. Stacy and Matt help you get there bit by bit. For example, their first instruction to you is to eat more veggies! Regardless of where you are at in your health journey it’s a globally accepted fact: veggies are good for us, so eat more! Imagine that, you are three steps away from a healthier life!  Swap, Remove and Heal are the 3 Phases in this book.


The bad for the good. Matt and Stacy help you eliminate gluten, refined sugars and process foods by replacing them with healthy alternatives.  For example:

Pancake Syrup —- > Pure Maple Syrup —– > Grade B Maple
Fruit Cup in Syrup —- > Organic Fruit Cup in Juice —- > Organic Fruit

Easy as pie right? Paleo Pie that is.


You will remove all Grains, Dairy, Processed Oils and Legumes. Stacy and Matt give you a detailed explanation behind removing these items. You will also learn how to stock your new Paleo pantry, from flours, sweeteners and fats to chocolate. This guide includes handy links to the Paleo Parents favorite items, so helpful!


After all the ultimate goal in a Paleo Lifestyle is to heal our body from the inside out. By introducing healing foods such as fermented foods, organ meats, bone broth and seafood, you will come full circle in transitioning to a Paleo diet, but a healthy diet is only part of the equation. A healthy lifestyle completes it. This phase will help you make sleep and fun a priority.

Top Things you will Love in 3 Phase Paleo

– Grocery List – takes the guess work out of grocery shopping
– Food Swap List – in case you will be missing your gluten filled treat
– Going out Guide – because sometimes you need to take a break from cooking
– Directions on How to Stock a Pantry – Fats, oils, flours, sweeteners and other staples
– Family Fun Guide – sleep sun and fun! Mental health is just as important as diet
– 75 simple nutrient dense and delicious recipes (by Phase!)
– Index by Phase and Egg-Free and Nut-Free recipe index(s)
– Resource List – tried and tested products Matt and Stacey use in their home

Just Like Having Your Own Nutritionist!

3 Phase Paleo is like having a Paleo friendly nutritionist come into you home and tell you step by step what to do in order to transition to a Paleo Lifestyle, it doesn’t get much better than this! With recipes 75 amazing recipes like Chunky Monkey Muffins, Easy Peasy Pancakes, 50/50 Bacon Burgers and Mongolian Beef and so many more, you will be off to a great start and you won’t even miss the junk foods of your past. Knowing that Paleo foods can be just as sweet and savory as the gluten/chemical filled foods we used to eat (once upon a time) is a huge step in right direction. Soon, the SAD diet will only be a distant SAD memory.

Ready to get started on your Paleo journey, get 3 Phase Paleo HERE.

Use Code: PParents35  for 35% off until 6/10.


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